Pipo laisse Nu Look définitivement

Dans une interview accordée à un confrère le vendredi 21 décembre, le chanteur de Nu Look, Pipo (Ederse Stanis), a décidé de rompre définitivement avec le groupe et fustige le comportement du maestro Arly Larivière qui ne lui jamais adressé la parole depuis environ une année.

« Depuis mon intégration, il n’y a jamais eu une réunion pour résoudre les malentendus… Cela fait un an qu’Arly ne m’a jamais appelé au téléphone sous prétexte qu’il l’avait fait une fois pour me donner une blague et je n’étais pas content. Qui pis est, il a passé six mois dans le groupe sans me parler et me saluer. Au final, j’ai décidé de quitter Nu-Look », déclare Pipo.

Il a fait savoir que pour sa collaboration à l’album « Confirmation », il n’a reçu que 2 000 dollars seulement. « On refusait de me payer. Quand je contactais le manager, Adolphe Chancy, celui-ci me référait à Arly et vice versa… »

Pour le moment Pipo décide de prendre ses distances avec la musique et va réfléchir sur ses projets d’avenir.

Nous avons essayé de contacter le maestro Arly Larivière et le manager Adolphe Chancy, mais ils ne répondent pas au téléphone.

Walter Cameau
Arly et Pipo dans de meilleurs jours…

(Source : Defend Haiti) -After some weeks of a contract dispute, Pipo officially decided to resign from Nu Look in a written statement that included well wishes for the holidays.

Rumors had begun circulating as early as August about the possible rupture in the band. In his letter, Pipo said the rumors and contract dispute contributed to his departure.


Several weeks ago, I learned through social media and friends that Nu Look canceled their December gigs in the USA. Everyone in the band received a text message informing them of this cancellation except for me. A press release by Nu Look management mentioned the “recruitment of new talent” which sparked rumors that the band would eventually resume their activities without me. In an attempt to resolve this matter privately and professionally, I abstained from making any comments about my status in the band. I got in touch with management not only for clarification, but to try and resolve financial discrepancies surrounding the situation. I requested that a new contract be drafted with a monetary plan to ensure the security of both parties with the band. While I was under the impression that a resolution would be made, I instead learned through media sites that management refused to even consider my contract. Hence, no such contract with me would be honored and the band will go on tour for the holidays in Haiti without me.
A lot of negative publicity has resulted from these developments. Such publicity has taken a toll on my family and me. Negotiation attempts continue to fail repeatedly, and it has come to a point where I am unable to put my family nor myself through this drama anymore.Therefore, it is with great regret that I announce my resignation from Nu Look effective immediately.
I will forever be grateful to Nu Look for giving me the opportunity to showcase my talents as lead singer in the band. It was a pleasure collaborating with Maestro Arly Lariviere on the “Confirmation” album and performing on stage with him. I am proud to have worked alongside Lariviere and all of the Nu Look musicians over the years. Nu Look is an institution that I am sure will continue to display konpa at its finest. I wish the band all the best of luck.
I also thank the fans for their unwavering support throughout my years with Nu Look. Knowing the history from both sides leading up to this union, this support was not taken for granted. I don’t think I can ever put into words my gratitude for the fans embracing me the way they did. As I read the fan mail sent to me during these tough times, I feel motivated and inspired to continue with music in the future, albeit without Nu Look.
With peace of mind and much optimism, I am leaving the past behind in order to concentrate on my future. I look forward to spending the holidays with my family and drafting my new year resolutions.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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