Legendes d’Haiti : Celia Cruz was Haitian

This is a story we have not been able to verify, but it is worth telling :

Celie Lacroix, better known as Celia Cruz was born in Port-au- Prince Haiti. Her mother Adere Lacroix relocated to Cuba , in the small village of Barrio Santa Suarez with her 2 year old daughter. Because of difficulty with her name prononciation they aparently translated it to : La Cruz and her first name Celie became Celia…

Celia Cruz  was drawn to music from an early age and because of her talents she was quickly adopted by the locals as one of their own.

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Young Celia Cruz…

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Celia Cruz and La Sonora Matancera

She is reportedly related to the Qualo family. Later in New Jersey she supposedly reunited with family members that she sought in her visit to Haiti while she was only sixteen years old…

” Many people attribute her ability to sing in creole to her Haitian roots, apparently her mother tried to infuse a piece of her past in her as she was living as a full blown Cubana”

Celia Cruz belonged to the World and via her music she touched the Lives and inspired so many that regardless of where she came from her greatest achievement will remain what she did when she got there and for that we will never forget this citizen of the world.

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5 Réponses à Legendes d’Haiti : Celia Cruz was Haitian

  1. leslie Roy Répondre

    26 juillet 2017 a 7:06

    celia caridad cruz alfonso was born in la habana Cuba 21 otober 1924

  2. Yvrance Joseph Volcy Répondre

    28 juillet 2016 a 4:15

    Yes she was a citizen of the world,je m’en fous de ce que Raymond A Marcel said about our Haitian legend Celia Cruz. I remember as a yong woman when I heard her singing i put the volume up up and up, and asked who was this singer. I love my azurka Haitian singer. Because of her nice and beautiful latino musics Haitian people are having more respect now. I will always love her and her musics. Her musics are the therapy for my soul, when I listen to her musics she put me so far away in life. Que la terre lui soit legere. Mwen se yon proud Haitian Capoise and a cowgirl in Austin Texas. Mi hermana Celia Cruz you make me more proud as an Haitian woman. we missed you in this world,Mesi creole, merci French, Thank you English, y gracias Espagnol. Angel

  3. Frantz Nelson Répondre

    26 juillet 2016 a 10:53

    Why it took so long to affirm the news? Is it because of racism, the fact that she’s Haitian? I am even more proud because of you Cecile Lacroix, Celia Cruz. God bless your soul. Amen… Perhaps if Haitian politicians used to value Haitians & their talents, the truth would have been revealed already. Amen…

  4. Raymond A. Marcel Répondre

    25 juillet 2016 a 7:42

    You may be right, but I live a very long time in New york, working with Latin band, I even play two or three time with Celia and La Sonora Matancera, Celia knows that I was Haitian, I never hear her saying that she was Haitian or she had Haitian blood……

  5. Sem Moise Philippe Répondre

    25 juillet 2016 a 10:32

    Congratulations Celia for your genius talent rooted to the Haitian origins. We will honor and never forget this story of been one of us. Thank you again the Citizen of the World that you were…

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