The newspaper Haiti Infos launches its 1st GoFundMe fundraiser

While a great many people are now getting their news  primarily online through websites and social channels like Youtube,Facebook,Twitter etc…,many more are being left behind by the lack of access to those things most of us take for granted like the internet, smart phones and computers. The  free community newspaper Haiti Infos was launched in 2010 in Spring Valley, Rockland County,NY, to serve those who only get their news offline,and is now distributed all over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to those whose primary language is not English.

As advertising revenues are dwindling for mainstream newspapers, community newspapers like Haiti Infos face an even greater challenge because we never really had real revenues to begin with, other than a few cyclical and temporary ads ! But the need for the paper remains and the community’s interest is even stronger than ever, especially in this time of uncertainty.

Millions of people still rely on printed newspapers as their primary source of news and older Haitian folks without access to today’s sophisticated devices still enjoy reading from time to time , especially in their own language.

In immigrant communities like ours, the language barrier makes it even harder for people with limited English-speaking skills to have access to pertinent knowledge about their life in a new land and sometimes life-saving information in the areas of healthcare, immigration news like the TPS debacle for instance which resulted in thousands of people, including US born children, crossing the border into Canada.

TPS stands for Temporary Protected Status, a program allowing people from vulnerable nations like Haiti to remain here on the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake which took the lives of over 300,000.

With adequate resources, we seek to publish on a more regular basis and also to make this free publication available to other Haitian communities throughout the United States and Canada.

Haiti Infos,whose motto is “To inform, to educate, to empower”, aims to shed a positive light on our community in this time of great adversity and to keep the newspaper alive for our people.

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